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Catherine speckle                                          BookCover

The models below were made by Bob Mattsson

Model of the tug Pegasus                                                                                               Check out my book about the old days on the tugs              That Reminds Me - Paper Back Book
Model of the tug Maryland  3/16" scale
Model of the tug Catherine McAllister                                                                                                                                                                           That Reminds Me - eBook
Model of the tug Coral Sea Model of the tug Spartan
Model of the tug Tasman Sea Model of the tug Helen L. Tracy
Model of the tanker Great Lakes  
Model of the barge DBL 27  Repair of
Model of the tug Brian A. McAllister
Launching of the Brian A. McAllister Video
Derrick Barge Model
Brian McA/Barge Video   -  Brian in push mode  Video
Model of the PT 109  - TrialsVideo
Don Hankin's Models
Sailing Ship Model refurbish
Model of the tug Isabel A. McAllister
Model of the tug Morton S. Bouchard IV
Model of the Houma
Model Of the Helen McA - Scandia
Model of Metropolitan Marines Pegasus
Model of the tug Viking
Model of the Tug A.J. McAllister
Model of the tug Tilly
Model of the tug Maryland  1/4" scale
Model 2 of the tug Scandia