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Power Point Movies Short Stories (Tugs)
Tug Xmas Card Oop! Copper Bars
Build a tug Nail Gun Pea Soup
NASA Winter Lights Firing Range
Golf Truisms Home Depot Hot Dogs Shifting
Ode to Mom Smart parrot Cockroaches
Twin Beams of Light Best Commercial  
Building Painting Disappearing Body Ascension Island Slide Show
Unusual Pictures Ladies Car  
Towboat under bridge Sky Divers Love Story
Big Wind, Big Seas Bush Impersonator  
  Kayak & the Whale  
Misc Goin' Fishing  
Kyle Richards Racing Copier  
Christmas Eve 09 Dogs (Funny!) Short Stories
Norwegian Xmas Song Ship Hits Drawbridge She Almost Died
Chloe & Zeke 1960's Tugboat Movie Chloe Update
Sam Sings 1964 Op Sail, NY Harbor Fish Called Friendly
Sam Sings again Verrazano Bridge  
  Fairways Snow Tug Graphics/Transfers
My other sites Move House Small Boat Graphics Launch of the Brian A. McAllister Brian McA/Barge Video Duluth Trip Launching of the Brian A. McAllister
Aircraft Museum
Brian In Push Mode
  Show Choir 2010 Christines Birthday